Austria presidential election coverage

Austria made international headlines this spring as former Green party chief Alexander Van der Bellen won Austria's knife-edge presidential run-off, narrowly preventing Norbert Hofer of the anti-immigration Eurosceptic Freedom Party from becoming the EU's first far-right head of state. 

The result reflects deep-seated discontent with the political elites, exacerbated by fears over the refugee crisis engulfing Europe. 

I covered the elections in detail, including brief live check-ins and full-length programmes. Here are some of them, in chronological order:

A look at the rise of the Austrian far right. Listen from 4:30. 

What would a right-wing president mean for Austria? Listen from 14:00. 


The first round of the elections sent shockwaves throughout Europe, after Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party claimed victory, trouncing both Alexander Van der Bellen and the candidates from Austria's two main political forces, in power since 1945. 

This is my report. Listen from 7:00